Psych Services of Roane County, Inc.
Licensed Psychologist - WV # 922
Janice Blake - M.A.
141 Main St., Spencer, WV 25276
Phone: (304) 927-5262
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Employment Options

Written by Psych Services WV
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 13:36

Psych Services of Roane County, Inc. has an opening for  Supervised or Licensed Psychologists in Spencer, WV. We are located in a rural county that once was home to Spencer State Hospital.  This area is recognized as an area of need by the national and statistics with both full-time and part-time work available.  Administration will work with interested individuals to facilitate transition to this area and possibly assist with initial financial issues.  Our goal is to meet the needs of the community and to provide only quality services to individuals who want the help.  We do not often accept referrals for individuals who are mandated to receive services as we focus on positive treatment outcomes.  Please call for an appointment to speak with the director and tour our office and community if you think you may be interested but want to get a feel for what we offer here prior to sending a resume.

Send Resume to:
Psych Services Of Roane County, Inc.
Post Office Box 849,  Spencer, WV 25276
ATTN:  Janice Blake
Call 304.927.5262
or Fax to: 304.927.0378
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